Take a Trip in Style

As it comes to that time where everyone seems to escape their hometown for paradise, you may need to swap out your hunter boots for espadrilles. I have gone a little over board for my trip to Puerto Rico but its hard not to buy better and brighter stuff to fill my suitcase with. If... Continue Reading →

DIY eye nails

With spring break coming up I felt the need to spice up my signature white nail with something more spunky. As I was doing my daily scroll through Pinterest I found very fun, original nails with eyes that I wanted to try out for my self and this is how they turned out: If you... Continue Reading →

The Best Breakfast Around

Once I found out about Katalina's in Columbus it quickly became my guilty pleasure. If you haven't tried it I would highly recommend going for some delicious brunch. Katalina's has a collection of fresh food including breakfast food and lunch as well. They have anything from their original Nuetella filled pancake balls (my favorite) to... Continue Reading →

Good Eats Around Columbus

I'm going to start new posts about the good places to eat around Columbus. I definitely enjoy food and sometimes too much but going to try new places is definitely my favorite thing to do in a place with such amazing food like Columbus. If you're from Columbus you know that the places to eat... Continue Reading →

S’mores Macaroon

So, like many others I attempted to make macaroons and the key word here was attempted. This was not my first time and not my last because I am not going to let a little cookie win. These cookies are really hard to make because everything has to be PERFECT, this process takes so much time... Continue Reading →

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