Weekend in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre was like a dream. Cinque Terre consists of five islands (cinque means five) that are all in a row connected by a train. Staying on any of these islands is really unrealistic because there are no hotels, just locals and very little food options so we stayed in a town called La Spezia. La Spezia is located on the cost of Italy and to get to the islands you must take a ferry then have the option to hike to each island, take a train or continue taking the ferry. For our day trip we took the ferry for the majority of the day except for our ride on the train to the final island. My favorite Island was the second and last island. The second was where the majority of the food was (why I liked it). We ended up getting the calamari which was phenomenal, not only was the food great but you were able to jump from rocks on the island into the clear water. My regret was I didn’t swim on the second island but instead just people watched all the fun. The last Island was also a favorite pick of mine. This was the only island with a beach which was fun to lay out for a while before returning to the coast. The last island was the island which had hotels but I don’t regret staying on the coast at all, I actually enjoyed it so much. My favorite memory on the coast was when me, my dad and step sister took a bus back out to the cost where the ferries leave and found a castle from the 1400’s. This is where we all stayed to watch the sunset and took several pictures looking out onto the islands. The seagulls were very vocal and interactive here too which made the night way more entertaining. These views were one of a kind and Spezia was another cute quaint town that is full of very warm hearted locals.



Sunset on the coast of La Spezia

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