Everywhere In-between

On the way from Cinque Terre to Paris we took a few pit stops. These included Venice, Verona, and Mont blanc.

When we visited Venice we were soaked and not because all the streets were water but because it was pouring the whole time we were there. Somehow Venice was still breath taking with colorful buildings and gondolas. My only complaint was that it was very touristy and the food was way overpriced. Venice is known for their blown glass which was very worth seeing and looking through the gift shops at all the blown glass pieces they had. Venice is more about the experience of being in such a unique town and that it definitely was.

Verona was like every little girls dream. Verona is where Juliette lived supposedly and where Romeo lived as well. Here you could go and look at the balconies that faced each other and write a love letter to Juliette. Verona was filled with very beautiful rustic architecture, lots of boutiques and good pastry shops.

Next we drove through the snow covered mountains, through switzerland to Mount Blanc. When we arrived to Mount Blanc we struggled to find food and after having pizza 4 days in a row, it wasn’t an option. So with no options we had pizza. The pizza I got was called Mount Blanc pizza which was a white pizza with 5 cheeses and it ended up being one of the best pizzas I ate, so no I don’t regret it. After getting a bite to eat we traveled up the mountain to our Airbnb. We were truly immersed into the mountains when we arrived to our stay. The next morning when we woke up we were literally in clouds, something truly incredible. The best part of this trip was going from city, to beach, to small town, to mountain/ countryside.


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