When in Rome

When you’re like me and you only have two days to see everything Rome has to offer, time is truly of the essence. The first thing I did when arriving in rome was I took a train straight to the Colosseum (don’t worry you won’t pass it without seeing it because that thing is colossal.) I personally advise finding one of the tour guides right outside the Colosseum to take you inside and see how spectacular the architecture truly is. The tour guides also take you to what used to be Romeo and Remises home, which to me was even cooler than the Colosseum. Rome in the summertime is truly poppin’. To my surprise, there seems to be more people hustling on the streets in rome than in New York city . Rome’s pizza was a let down to me because I truly realized that American’s Americanize the crap out of pizza. One of my favorite dishes in Rome became the pasta ( yum ) and you can’t forget about the gelato.

On my second day in the lovely city of rome we went to the most spectacular place, Saint Peters cathedral. I had to wait in line in what seemed to be the hottest weather EVER for two hours and almost decided to skip out on it which I am so so glad I didn’t. If I had to see one thing in Rome it would be the cathedral. I walked in and literally started crying. Words could not describe how beautiful that church was and I saw A LOT of churches in Europe but this was by far the most breath taking. Our next stop in rome was the Vatican which was incredibly overwhelming with so so much to see and take in. Another thing that did not let down with Michael Angelo’s painted ceiling.

Tip for Rome:

  • Buy comfortable shoes, I wore toms which held up but there is so much walking that you won’t even expect
  • Dress modestly with a maxi skirt and a cardigan to go over a top to allow yourself to get let in museums and churches
  • Prepare yourself for the graffiti in the city and even more outside of the city

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