FUN in Florence

Florence was so full of fun and freedom with college students who were studying abroad running around all over town. Florence had so many hidden treasures and some of the best food. To be honest when I was in Florence I had three servings of Gelato in one day ( I couldn’t help myself). But one of my favorite treasures we found was the Micheal Angelo viewing, this was an area where everyone came to watch the sunset against an overlooking of the city of Florence. When in Florence it’s a must to buy leather because they are known for leather. I purchased my now favorite light pink leather satchel at a market in Florence. At every street corner there is so much beauty and possibility. There are an array of museums to go to and places to eat and shop. My favorite memory I wouldn’t trade was going to where this merry go round was with a market near by listening to a man play guitar on the street.

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