Summer 2017 trends

As summer is approaching faster than we think it's time to hit the boutiques for our summer wardrobe. If you're like me you want to shop smart for clothes that won't be out of style this summer. As I traveled to Europe and spoke to professors at FIT I learned what the trend will be... Continue Reading →

Pretty Paris

Paris was one of the most memorable places I visited on this trip because of the people and the art. Two things that I was not expecting was the weather being cold in the middle of June, and the amount we walked (20 miles). Our Airbnb which I could rave about for days was outside... Continue Reading →

Everywhere In-between

On the way from Cinque Terre to Paris we took a few pit stops. These included Venice, Verona, and Mont blanc. When we visited Venice we were soaked and not because all the streets were water but because it was pouring the whole time we were there. Somehow Venice was still breath taking with colorful... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre was like a dream. Cinque Terre consists of five islands (cinque means five) that are all in a row connected by a train. Staying on any of these islands is really unrealistic because there are no hotels, just locals and very little food options so we stayed in a town called La Spezia.... Continue Reading →

FUN in Florence

Florence was so full of fun and freedom with college students who were studying abroad running around all over town. Florence had so many hidden treasures and some of the best food. To be honest when I was in Florence I had three servings of Gelato in one day ( I couldn't help myself). But... Continue Reading →

Little Ovierto

Ovierto was my absolute favorite city in Italy. On our route to Florence we drove through Tuscany which consisted of rolling hills and small stone houses. We drove up this little hill to find a tiny city with a church overlooking all of tuscany. This was my favorite city because it was not touristy. All... Continue Reading →

When in Rome

When you're like me and you only have two days to see everything Rome has to offer, time is truly of the essence. The first thing I did when arriving in rome was I took a train straight to the Colosseum (don't worry you won't pass it without seeing it because that thing is colossal.)... Continue Reading →

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